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Signs That Indicate How Mature A Person Is

         By: M.E Sy Choosing Whether to Talk Back or Not. In a world where the lines between rationality and irrationality among humans are getting thinner, we must carefully weigh out the words that we're using, most importantly to whom... Continue Reading →


How To Deal with Toxic People

         By: M.E. Sy     Day in and day out we do get a lot of things that we attempt to squeeze into our tight schedule. Those can be tasks we get from work, meeting with friends on a... Continue Reading →

Spine-Tingling Tales from the Past

         By: M.E. Sy Peek-a boo! Hello and goodbye to Halloween's Eve that has passed by with tales of the undead that left us hanging and begging for more. But by rummaging through my past memories of being a horror... Continue Reading →

QUIPSPHERE: A QUICK way to SPIN you Around!

         By: M.E. Sy             Socializing has gotten even better using technology. Developers from around the world come up with the best application that suits our needs and preferences when it comes to building a link with other... Continue Reading →

Wisdom from The Holy Scriptures

By: M.E. Sy The Holy Scriptures or The Holy Bible is not only a book that contains spiritual guidance but all things that are essential to life. You'll find much wisdom through the verses in every chapter that are applicable... Continue Reading →

Seeing Beyond Expectations: He’s NOT Into You

         By: M.E Sy   Men are known as the more dominant gender not only among humans but also with wildlife. As we can notice, even though it is not the case sometimes, they are the gender that has bigger... Continue Reading →

Signs That Tell When To ‘Wave Bye-Bye’

         By: M.E. Sy Our very own existence is reciprocated by other beings that have similarities to our corporeal structure within a ‘society’. Society is where people are bound regardless of their beliefs, cultural differences, race and a whole lot... Continue Reading →

Interesting Facts About the Indie Novel “Bestial Appetite”

        By: M.E Sy If you are not fond of reading free online books posted on, you may reconsider it. The website hosts different genres of novels from amateur writers all over the surface of the Earth. Many stories... Continue Reading →

Five Evocative Music Hits

        By: M.E Sy Every year, millions of songs are produced from around the globe. They can be of different genres like pop, hip-hop, rock, ballad, mellow, classical and a whole lot more. Some has pleasant tunes while the others... Continue Reading →

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