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By: M.E. Sy

After the chilly night of Halloween, the spirit of “ber” months will follow Christmas as the days roll by. A big problem or dilemma occurs especially during the first week of the 12th month which is shopping for presents. Below is a shortlist of possible and simple gifts that can be given to our loved ones this December.

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1. Wall Clock – Time is of the essence. So, every time that the receiver of this gift looks at it, she or he will be reminded of you.

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2. Pillow/Throw Pillow – the cottony softness of this item will surely bring the sleeper into a deep slumber of pleasant dreams.

3. Customized Mugs/Shirts – Personalized or customized items like mugs or T-shirt are much more appreciated than pre-made ones available at shops. Popular ones are those with the person’s caricatures or names.

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4. Christmas Card – Probably, this is the cheapest item you can purchase for Christmas. Not only that it is cheap, you can also relay your message that can be treasured forever.To make it more special, some people buy raw materials to create wonderful designs.

5. Gift Certificates – They are as good as cash and you can purchase an item that best suits you. Just beware that some gift certificates (especially those which are only given as a give-away by some companies, etc.) have expiration dates.

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6. Money – Most people who can’t decide which material things to buy for their loved ones during Christmas just give some money (other than gift certificates) to the RECEIVER to give him/ her the power to choose whatever he/she desires.

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 7. Books – What a better way to impart  knowledge than to give someone a BOOK?

8. Winter Clothes – Winter clothes such as socks, boots, gloves and jackets are good to combat the chill of the season.

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9. Figurines – are the perfect decorations for houses. The simplistic and artistic features plus their humble price make them one of the ideal gifts especially if they have Christmas themes (like Santa, reindeer, elves figurines)

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10. Love – Yes, you read it right. LOVE. No material thing in this world can top this intangible gift. As what the song says, “Give love on Christmas Day. No greater gift is better than love.” Most of the correspondents that I interviewed in regards to this list told me that love is the best gift that you can give to someone because it brings special happiness that material things can’t give.

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Now, there you have it. The ten ideal simple presents that will surely give Christmas meaning and happiness.