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By: M.E Sy

The year 2014 is coming to an end and most people from every part of the globe is now excited to greet 2015 with a bang. Not only that they will be feasting in New Year’s dinner but also with aspirations and hopes for the next 356 days of their existence. Some people already have a goal to aim and would promise to keep their resolution with the desire to change their life even just bit. Normal new year’s resolutions include eating less (or lose weight), waking up early for work/school, stop procrastinating, study harder and so on and so forth. While others have very unique or not ordinary promises for the New Year.

Here I am counting down the unusual new year’s resolution according to the data that I gathered.

1. Stop being such a pretentious person.

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The person who told me about his new year’s resolution stated that he would stop being such a pretentious person and even added that he’s not even joking about it.

2. Not to kill myself.

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Life is very tough and I guess that the correspondent who stated this answer almost gave up but has the aim to survive the next year.

3. Stop making new year’s resolutions.

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We often make promises that we can’t keep even to ourselves. Some people have the habit making promises each new year and get struck with indolence to fulfill the promises.

4. Buy Philosophy books and absorb the texts.

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Some people are looking for the meaning of life and try to find out the answers to the questions about human condition. So, reading philosophical texts should be a great goal to those curious minds.

5. Donate some blood every three months.

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I personally view this resolution as beneficial not only to the donor but also to the beneficiary of the blood. When you donate your blood every three months, your body will produce new supply. Some would also say that donating blood is healthy and will make your skin more smooth.