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By: M.E Sy

1. Playing Computer and Mobile Games


Photo courtesy of: LoveLikeWater.Wordpress.Com

Whether it’s just playing a simple Android game or online games like League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients, the activity can shake off the bad mood that you feel and is able to divert your attention to the colorful and lively game play. Moreover, it helps you to deviate away from thoughts of daily typical stressful days and get you into a different pattern.

2. Surrounding Yourself with Classical Music

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Tuning in to Mozart’s or Beethoven’s composition may be beneficial in lessening stress as it makes your senses calm down. It is proven to be a great deal to relieve tension – slowing down the mind and starts the relaxation response that enables you to feel better.

3. Having a Good Time’s Conversation

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Keeping in touch with your loved ones and friends can actually make you regain liveliness. In addition, it can not only rebuild your relationship with them, but it also has the impact to reinforce a pleasant mood and a good deal to help you reconnect with people who can relate or lend their ears. A simple question like, “How have you been?” can initiate a good conversation that can lead to other interesting topics. It can also help you to realize that stress is just a normal thing and you are not the only one who experiences it.

4. Tuning in to Shows with Humor

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A good laugh has the wonder to ease stress. It can alleviate pain from stress like headache. It distracts you from your anxiety and giving you the ability to cope up with emotional and physical strain. We can get our source of laughter from tuning in to comedy shows (like sitcoms or parodies) or shows with humor.