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By: M.E Sy

“Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.”  Democritus

             Happiness is the degree of having positive mood and a state of well-being. A surge of pleasure can be felt by an individual once happiness is brought inside by factors only known to them according to their preferences. More often than not, people think that  having luxury is the ultimate happiness that there is. Sometimes, happiness cannot be established by possessing material things but aligning ourselves with what’s priceless – – the things that can give an everlasting impression in our minds.

      The statements below are from people whom I talked to, revisiting their happiest moment in life.

1. “I had a perfect childhood. I was free from worries. You’ll feel so much happier when you were young because it felt like you were on top of the world and you didn’t think about complex things that adults are facing” – Male, 31.

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2. “Rediscovering myself ‘is’ the most joyous pleasure that I have experienced. Now, I can face the world” – Female, 22

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3. “The day I passed my degree was the happiest moment in my life. All the hard work that I had had put effort into was all worth it. Also, my days in the Philosophy Society (during college) were good as I get to communicate with people who were open-minded about many things.” – Male, 25

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4. My honeymoon has been the very best so far. My husband and I went to Barcelona and had a good time together, kindling our relationship even farther and being able to be more intimate with each other” – Female, 40

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5. “After a few years of being separated, my parents got back in each others arms and we (my siblings) were so happy to have our family be whole once again. And I, too, feel like the pieces inside made whole.” – Female, 18

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