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By: M.E Sy

                 As we all know, pain is the absence or the negation of bliss. There are some reasons why we feel the absence of happiness. For some, pain can be felt when something they desire is not achieved and for others, the fleeting contention in one’s life. The pain caused by other people is also one one of the factors that can generate the suffering. Whatever the factors that contribute to it, they are some deviations that we can use to relief us from pain.

1. Memories. Memories are the echoes of the past and they reside within the territories of reality. Reliving the past can be wonderful for some if the memories they are holding contain joyous thoughts. If not, it is absolutely painful to remember uneventful things that occurred a long time ago. What happened cannot be undone. It’s best to let go and just learn from past mistakes.

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2. Preoccupation. Whenever we feel a bit low, the best way is to fill our minds with something that can deviate us from the current situation that we are in. We can occupy ourselves with new hobbies that will enable us to be oblivious of the pain.

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3. Art works. Artists use their skills to express emotions through various forms of art like painting, music, dance, drama, sculpture and literature. Not only artists use these methods to channel their feelings, but also normal people who have these skills or those who are in therapy find it convenient. It is beneficial for the reason that while it is engrossing to use art as a sort of showing our emotions, there is a possibility to create a masterpiece.

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4. Absorption. No pain, no gain. We can derive experience from pain and we can use it to be a better person than what we are before. It’s a way of making us wise in what we’ll do we the next time we encounter the same trouble that we were into.

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