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By: M.E Sy

The meaning of life is very ambiguous and there isn’t any single universal definition to match it. Many people contemplate about it later in their lives while some always delve through deep thoughts concerning the core of “LIFE”. The purpose of it is what keep us from being curious and sometimes, terrified of the what the future holds. In life, we sometimes experience “existential crisis”. Having existential crisis means that we wonder the very foundations of life and its meaning and we reevaluate our existence. We often ask questions like “What is life?”, “What is the meaning of it”, “Why am I alive”, and so on and so forth. The experiences that a person faces when having existential crisis may be slightly different than the others but when we live through it we usually tend to:

  1. Contemplate the purpose of life and its meaning. Looking for answers in our lives is the first sign that we are having an existential crisis. The fundamental basis of our life depends on what is the meaning or purpose of it. Actually, the meaning is dependent on what we perceive as valuable and like what’s in the introduction, “The meaning of life is very ambiguous and there isn’t any single universal definition to match it.” It’s a relative matter and we humans make our own personal meaning in life.
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  1. Grasp deep thoughts. Our minds travel farther than when we think of ordinary things when we grasp deep thoughts. We think BIG ideas, ideas that are eccentric that we often feel so intrigue with it even though those ideas came from us. The crisis that we are experiencing opens our mind for possibilities that are beyond ordinary.
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  1. See things beyond what they are. We won’t be able to see things in their simple forms anymore and our mind transcends to what are they for, what is their function, and why do they exist. So, a tree isn’t a just a tree when we see it. We tend to overlook its appearance. We see beyond it and pass to our minds that it is a living thing that bears resources for human and animal consumption.
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  1. Revisit your “wants” in life and then alter them. Some individuals are taking risks, aiming their goals and sometimes becoming careless with what they do because they think that after all, life is a joke and has an ending. Oftentimes, we get jaded from the repeating patterns of life. As a result, we revisit our “wants” and evaluate whether they are still worth desiring or can be beneficial to us. We return back to square one when modifying our bucket list.
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  1. Think that time is valuable. Clock is ticking and it is sure that we won’t be able to bring back past actions and memories even though they have just occurred a second ago. There aren’t any rewind buttons in life, so when we are living through existential crisis, we tend to keep track of the things that have value and regret the time lost for futile matters.
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