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By: M.E. Sy

Here are some of the popular adepts who have interesting stories about their lives.

  1. Stephen King – considered as the King of Horror, Stephen King has written over 50 novels that were most adapted to films. His rich imagination and unique writing style were his ticket to becoming famous worldwide. His first novel, “Carrie” was a big hit that gave him recognition. He had almost given up when writing “Carrie”, had dumped its drafts in the trash bin when later his wife picked it up and persuaded him to continue the manuscript that he had worked hard for. The book was accepted by a publisher and became popular among readers. With this, his history as a famous author began.
Photo Courtesy of: ChrisJonesBlog.Com
  1. Friedrich Nietzche – “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, is just one of Nietzsche’s popular quotation that gives the notion that when we don’t consider some unfortunate events in our lives as threats (or traumatic), it’ll make us stronger. A great philosopher that he was, he wrote numerous books that has been renowned up to this date (especially to scholars and students) such as “Beyond Good and Evil”, “The Twilight of Idols”, “On The Genealogy of Morals”,“Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, and “The Will to Power” among the others. At the age of 44, he died and left his notes for “The Will to Power” unfinished but later on was published posthumously. Although some might think that the book was about “having control of others”, it was more likely about human survival and self-empowerment.
Photo Courtesy of: Age-Of-The-Sage.Org
  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – At the age of five, Mozart began to compose and already performed before the European royalty. He also wrote his first symphony when he was eight. A great classical musician that he was, he composed over 600 musical pieces. In the modern day, sometimes his compositions are used in movies, TV programs and commercials (especially milk commercials) like “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”, “Carmina Burana” and “The Marriage of Figaro”.
Photo Courtesy of: Salzburg.Info
  1. Clive Barker – An artist, author, a film director, and also a film producer, Clive Barker is absolutely a jack of all trades. Some of his works like “The Hellraiser” was based from his novel “The Hellbound Heart” that was also directed and produced by him. His genre revolves around the dark and metaphysical aspect of reality. He was first recognized with his collection of short stories, “The Books of Blood” that boomed into six volumes. As compared to other authors, his writing style is very distinct and his books are engrossing (because of the mixture of fiction and wisdom) and you won’t get enough of the texts that you would read on his books.
Photo Courtesy of: AnythingHorror.Com