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By: M.E Sy

If you are not fond of reading free online books posted on, you may reconsider it. The website hosts different genres of novels from amateur writers all over the surface of the Earth. Many stories from Wattpad already garnered recognition from readers and publishers and some of them were already marketed by publishing companies. If you have a dream to become a novelist (just like me), this is one of the first stepping stones to get you going. The novel that I will feature today is entitled ‘Bestial Appetite’ and the interesting facts about it are as follows:


The novel’s ‘central’ genre is horror. However, it has the twists of a love story and a pinch of humor. The story revolves around self-reflection and how Maria (the main character) will discover her past. It is a spine-chilling and hackles-rising tale of a woman who would eventually meet her own demons. Many twists and turns of events will be coming out her way though her passion in film and art that has something to do with knowing herself better.


As what you can notice when you take a peek at the cover art of the book online, the author’s (me) name is Lolita M.E. Sy. The name ‘Lolita’ was taken from the author’s mother to honor her. To give more info, the initial ‘M.E’ is the author’s first name and followed by it is ‘Sy’ which is her last name.


Bestial Appetite Cover LR-

Frankly speaking, the author is not used to writing stories with ‘first person’ narration and normally, she uses the ‘third person’ kind of narration. Using the first person narration means that the narration would seem that the author herself/himself is the one who is narrating the sequence of events and the use of “I” is prevalent all throughout. More often than not, that kind of narration uses the ‘present simple tense’ of English grammar. However, traces of other tenses can be found and they are set to refer to the correct time and mode of actions pertinent to the development of the story.

To give a heads up about the progress of the plot of ‘Bestial Appetite’, it is an ongoing novel wherein one chapter will be uploaded each week.


Inspiration is part of our drive to motivate ourselves to complete certain tasks and our ambitions in life. The drive for writing this novel is the author’s desire to share knowledge through the means of expressing herself to complete the novel. At first, she was very unsure if she must write a novel online because of distrust and fear of getting rejected. But, life is too short to live in fear. Hence, the inspiration behind writing the novel.


The cover art features a girl who has a tattoo on her right cheek and bloody wrists. The model is none other than the author herself. To make the novel personal and unique, the author decided to just get a good photo of her and modify it using Photoshop to create an impact for her cover art.

If you are interested in reading the novel, just click this link.