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By: M.E Sy


Men are known as the more dominant gender not only among humans but also with wildlife. As we can notice, even though it is not the case sometimes, they are the gender that has bigger built. They are the protector of the ‘weaker’ sex and tagged as the head of the family.

Moreover, they are stronger than women when it comes to controlling their emotions.  In relationships, they are the ones who are ‘less’ showy and women tend to misinterpret that. What if it’s not always the case? Let’s say, it’s just a friendship and a woman fell in love with  her guy friend? How would she know that he feels the same way? Here are the ways to find out:


  1. He doesn’t communicate well the way you want him to.

He doesn’t stay up late just to talk with you over the phone or through online chat. Some men do that even they need to get up early for work or school the next day, more often than not. On the other hand, maybe he is just shy to talk to you or he’s really busy doing some tasks that have deadlines. He’s not really into you if for example, when you meet up in person, he seems   ‘far away’ and would often look preoccupied. He would also pretend to be listening to your statements and you’d find out that he doesn’t pay too much attention to the details of your life. You would just often receive nods, whether verbally or not, as a response.

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  1. You feel that he is insensitive.

Do you feel that every time you vent out about something that upsets you, he would just ignore you? Do you often notice that when you are hurt, physically or emotionally, he would just let it pass and he would continue with his day? Yup. He doesn’t care about you. Some men are naturally indifferent while the others are not. If they are not, it’s just an indication that you are    not their type.

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  1. He likes certain types of women and it’s not your kind.

The way to know if he likes you is to profile his ex- girlfriends and crushes. If they all  have almost the same attributes and you lack those attributes (such as being brunette, rosy cheeks, shy-type, conformist-type, tall, etc.), then it’s time to think twice.


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  1. He has ‘cold’ eyes when he looks at you.

There is this overused saying, “Eyes are the windows of our soul”. It can be         applicable to how we socialize or have relationships with other people.  Our emotions can also reflect on our eyes. Let say when we are sad, our eyes seem so teary. When we are in love, our eyes tend to be shiny and glistening. ‘Cold’ eyes have those dry and formal undertone.

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  1. He makes sure you don’t fall in love with him.

He does all of what are said above. It may be because he doesn’t want you to get hurt or  he only loves you as a friend, no more, no less. He values the friendship that’s why he is very  careful not to make you fall in love with him because he already has the notion that you  gradually are. Otherwise, he’s just a temporary companion or an acquaintance and you don’t  weigh too much value in his life. It’s time to move on and do the things that can make you feel  better.

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