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By: M.E. Sy

            qSocializing has gotten even better using technology. Developers from around the world come up with the best application that suits our needs and preferences when it comes to building a link with other people across the globe. As humans, we are filled with emotions that we want to express, most often than not, through any ways possible. Blogs, Vlogs, and Social Networking Sites (SNS) are the primary outlets of our expression when utilizing technology. There are also corresponding application for SNS powered by Android such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook app that let people enjoy creating and connecting relationships with their family, friends, love ones and others.


To those who love to shout their hearts out, there is an app specially tailored for you. Introducing QUIPSPHERE,  a new mobile app that lets you record your voice and share your innermost thoughts to the world. Not your average app.



–  It lets your record your voice, categorize the recording, and share it.




– Set up your profile, check your newsfeed, and let’s you “level-up” according to how many followers you have.



– You can create your own SPHERE (group) or join an existing one.



–  Follow fellow QUIPPERS and join topics (you may also make your own topic).



To equip your mobile device with this all-in-one application, you can download it from Google Play or iTunes. Rest assured that Quipsphere has all the features of your favorite social media app. So, what are you waiting for? Let you inner voice be heard!