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By: M.E. Sy



Day in and day out we do get a lot of things that we attempt to squeeze into our tight schedule. Those can be tasks we get from work, meeting with friends on a special gathering/reunion, family outings (and even responsibilities), hobbies or doing what you’re passionate about and so much more. We meet and greet people on those scenarios who can either put a smile on our faces or provide us with bad vibes. It’s best when we will have an even-mind in every circumstance because no matter how we shake off especially the negative vibes, we still get affected on how we are treated. Here are the tips on how to be yourself while dealing with those toxic people.



  1. Profile people around you.


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The best and foremost way to deal with people, toxic or not, is to observe first on how they act: way of speaking, word choice, and MINDSET. This is how you know who you will be wary of and how to react on any given situations. For example, you’ll best know if a person is toxic when she/he tends to talk back behind people and seems to care only about herself/himself (or acts childish in a harmful way), and that’s the time that you’ll be careful on how you react with that kind of person because you might be her/his next victim no matter how that person seems to be approachable and friendly.



  1. Don’t get into trouble if possible.



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Show them that you are a better person than them specially in terms of personality, attitude and class. If they insult you PERSONALLY, just breathe slowly and act accordingly as an even-minded person. Don’t be like them. As what the German philosopher Nietzsche once said , “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.”

  1. Keep away from the negative vibes.


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Most often than not, toxic people will leave your day in an unpleasant manner. It will cause preoccupation of bad vibes and demotivation so the next good thing to do is to keep away from the people who’ll bring you bad vibes . . . in a CIVIL MANNER. Be casual as possible without being untrue to yourself. Also, find ways on how you can divert your attention to more essential matters.