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By: M.E Sy

  1. Choosing Whether to Talk Back or Not.
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In a world where the lines between rationality and irrationality among humans are getting thinner, we must carefully weigh out the words that we’re using, most importantly to whom we are speaking to. Mature people know what the right words to say and to analyze if the receiver of their words are wise enough. If not, words will just have a whole new meaning and they’ll be in more trouble.

  1. Less Appreciation of Material Things.
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As we age we tend to focus more on the intangible thing that surrounds us. For some, all the glitter and gold, the material things, are just accessories that deteriorates, no more, no less. As a mature person, we value things that can never be replaced once gone: lost time, friends & family, and life.

  1. Not That Show Off in Social Media.
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Most people nowadays are really tuned up to using social media in anyway possible. Mature people will have less time posting nonsense posts that only centers on something superficial about themselves — things that will show or create the effect that they are of higher value in the society in terms of possession, power (sometimes, feigned ones), privileges, etc. using social media. Posting whatever you want is just normal, however, take into consideration that there are limits to what you should show.

  1. Devoid of Superiority Complex.
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Probably, the most significant indication that an individual is mature is that he doesn’t possess such a high regard to himself. Otherwise, he would compare himself to other or make tantrums if the other person surpasses their capabilities.

  1. Not Into Attention Seeking.
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We often believe in the saying, “a woman wants respect while a girl seeks attention”. This is true in the sense of how we see how much a person has grown up in terms of mental maturity. While attention-seeking people would often get pleasure and validation from people applauding for them, or noticing them, mature people has the habit of reinventing himself in such a way that he would develop skills and nurture it. He would remove himself from the scrutiny of people around him in order to better concentrate on what must be improved.