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Popular Adepts with Amazing Life Stories

           By: M.E. Sy Here are some of the popular adepts who have interesting stories about their lives. Stephen King – considered as the King of Horror, Stephen King has written over 50 novels that were most adapted to films.... Continue Reading →


Living Through Existential Crisis

         By: M.E Sy The meaning of life is very ambiguous and there isn't any single universal definition to match it. Many people contemplate about it later in their lives while some always delve through deep thoughts concerning the core... Continue Reading →

Painless Thoughts To Lessen PAIN

        By: M.E Sy                  As we all know, pain is the absence or the negation of bliss. There are some reasons why we feel the absence of happiness. For some, pain can... Continue Reading →

Redefining HAPPINESS

        By: M.E Sy "Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.”  - Democritus              Happiness is the degree of having positive mood and a state of well-being. A... Continue Reading →

Fun Ways to Navigate Away from Stress

          By: M.E Sy 1. Playing Computer and Mobile Games   Whether it's just playing a simple Android game or online games like League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients, the activity can shake off the bad mood that... Continue Reading →

Philosophical Thoughts on Love

        By: M.E Sy There's nothing more tragic than being possessed with the feeling of love. A feeling of rapture embellished with an ounce of insanity and melancholy. Presented here are some quotations about love from famous philosophers that are... Continue Reading →

Unusual New Year’s Resolutions

         By: M.E Sy The year 2014 is coming to an end and most people from every part of the globe is now excited to greet 2015 with a bang. Not only that they will be feasting in New Year's... Continue Reading →

10 Simple Christmas Presents

         By: M.E. Sy After the chilly night of Halloween, the spirit of “ber” months will follow Christmas as the days roll by. A big problem or dilemma occurs especially during the first week of the 12th month which is... Continue Reading →

Throwback Books Day: Great 20th Century Novels

         By: M.E Sy   As an addition to my “Halloween Special” blog post about a horror book entitled “The Great and the Secret Show” by Clive Barker, I am going to enumerate some great novels that not are only... Continue Reading →

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